Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Seasonal Greetings

Welcome ... SCUM ... to the saddest blog in the entire known universe. You won't find any happiness here. Just random gothness in all its fabulous glory. Since our facebook account has been shut down, we solemnly promise to do our best ... to corrupt young minds everywhere via this gateway here. 

So, perhaps you should better leave ... NOW ...  while you still can. - Run, kids. RUN !!!
The image on this lovely postcard is a photo by Bruce LaBruce. I had sent this one to dear Mr Shavin' Genitalis a little while ago ... - and, surprise, it got delivered! Apparently, the trick is to decorate potentially pornographic imagery with pretty little stars. Well, it's either that ... or most people working for the postal service really are a bunch of perverts. Not that it would surprise me...